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An Australian Startup.
Biohacking Technologies.
Go Hack Yourself.


"The Future is already here,

... it's just not very evenly distributed."

-William Gibson

We aim to provide the Australian Public with consumer-level Biohacking technologies.
Biohacking technologies to improve or extend the human condition and abilities.
These products may be experimental in nature and you use them at your own risk.

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Biohacking can be described as a "hacking" mindset and approach to our Biology - changing the input of (Biological) function/s for greater or altered output.
Biohacking can be experimental modification of our biology with the help of technology such as our sub-dermal Implants but Biohacking can also be a rigorous systems-approach to healthy living. Biohacker is a versatile term.

 In this context, Biohacking Technologies refers to those designed to extend or augment biology and human condition and abilities with the assistance of technology.


Not necessarily but Biohacking can be dangerous. Approaching everything as a system, Biohackers do tend to experiment with what works and what doesn't work with their own biology, sometimes to an extreme degree. 

You use these technologies at your own risk.

The Future?

In the future, Go Hack Yourself aspires to provide a wealth of products, knowledge and resources for the Biohacking community. This begins with our flagship product the X-series - Sub-dermal NFC and RFID implants. These offer a genuine biohacking augmentation experience and reside at the more extreme end of Biohacking experimentation.

"Hacker Ethics" are often applied to Biohacking which encompasses principles such as Freedom of Information, Access to Technology and that Technology can change our lives for the better - Go Hack Yourself believes in these principles and strives to provide you with the aforementioned technology.