El hombre como palacio industrial - Fritz Kahn, 1930

El hombre como palacio industrial - Fritz Kahn, 1930




Our Story


          Technology can improve everyday lives, a major determining factor of this is accessibility.

          Go Hack yourself aspires to provide the Australian public with resources and tools for Biohacking. On launch, we will be offering the X-series sub-dermal Implants from Dangerous Things. These implants can fundamentally change how we interact with everyday technology. They reside at the experimental end of Biohacking where a person can interact so seamlessly with technology it quite literally becomes part of them. 

         This really embodies the spirit of Go Hack Yourself - to use technology to extend or augment our biological abilities.
         Or even to simply to optimise your systems performance.

          The Future of Go Hack Yourself is not simply dependent on us - but on you as well. Biohacking is organic by nature (pun intended) and we encourage you to responsibly self-experiment and share your finding with us and the Biohacking community.  We intend to do our part as well, by testing viable biohacking products and subsequently providing them to the Australian public, with extreme product knowledge and an affordable price.

          Go Hack Yourself started as the brainchild of Jack Hurley and Jesse Barber at the Possumworks innovation collaborative in Australia. Jack is an innovation entrepreneur, epic globetrotter and owner of Possumworks with an extensive history in business disruption and startups. Jesse is an avid Transhumanist  with background in technology, media & communication. Go Hack Yourself owes its inception to and is affiliated with NFC wireless, an established NFC solution provider since 2012 - Jack owns the business and Jesse manages it.

         Jesse decided to go little bit further, started implanting NFC into his hand and here we are.