xEM Kit (RFID sub-dermal Implant)

xEM Kit (RFID sub-dermal Implant)


WARNING: YOU USE THIS PRODUCT AT YOUR OWN RISK. This Kit is supplied by Dangerous Things. This device has not been tested or certified by any regulatory agency for implantation or use inside the human body. Use this device strictly at your own risk. By purchasing this product you agree to our terms and conditions of sale.

The xEMi is a sub-dermal transponder and equipment for installation. The Implant interacts with 125mHz RFID devices - useful for certain building and vehicle access. 
This is not a toy. It would be wise to know compatible products and applications of the tag.
The Implant was developed by Dangerous Things.

The xEM tag is 125kHz ISO11784/185 ATA5577 chip. It is pre-programmed in EM41xx/EM4200 compatible mode. The chip is encased in a 2.1 x 12mm cylindrical Schott 8625 bioglass tube. The bioglass tube is laser sealed and tested before the entire injector assembly is sterilized with EO gas.

The Full datasheet can be found here and should be read by anyone considering this.

The kits contains

1 sterile injector assembly, pre-loaded with an xEM tag

1 single use ChloraPrep SEPP 0.67ml applicator

1 sterile gauze pad for post-injection wound care

1 sterile expandable-fabric adhesive bandage

1 pair of non-sterile, non-latex procedure gloves


Instillation of the xEM should not be attempted by any untrained and/or inexperienced individual. We expressly indicate that this should be installed by an experienced body piercer/modifier or medical professional. We cannot stress this enough.

The xEM is loaded into an injector assembly for ease of installation.

Hand webbing piercing has been in practice by body modification artists worldwide and typically the xEM is implanted into the webbing between the thumb and forefinger. This location is chosen for a variety of reasons
- The implant can be pushed to the surface for a better read range
- The location is cushioned by protruding metacarpal bones
- Importantly, there is a lack of major nerve bundles or blood vessels through the area
Considering it is common for xNT implants to replace a set of keys or interact with a mobile phone - this place is recommend for frequent use.

Dangerous Things has collected a map of experienced professionals HERE and has developed very comprehensive professional installation guide here.

Anecdotally, I’ve personally had 15+ piercings and this was the least painful by quite a margin.


Aftercare for a xEM is extremely easy compared to a piercing and more akin to birth control implant. An open wound healing around protruding metal increased infection probability significantly. With a professional, a xEM installation can be over in seconds with the wound sealed within hours. After 2-4 weeks the transponder is encapsulated in fibrous collagen, within a month migration is no longer a concern. The point of installation may be swollen for 24/48 hours and/or bruised for upto 72 hours. For up to 12 hours momentary tingles, inching or pinching is normal as nerves heal.

Read Range and Performance
Details on read range and performance can be found here.

Testing and QA
RFID waves have read difficulties with metal surfaces, for this reason Dangerous Things performs full tests on the tags before they are loaded into the injector assembly and sterilized. They are not readable whilst within the steel needle. Dangerous Things keeps tight control over chain of custody on this manufacture, sterilization, and shipment.

Due to the nature of this product, All sales of this product are final and no returns will be accepted
- *HOWEVER a lifetime warranty does apply, in case of product failure - please return the product for testing and analysis, and if the device in malfunctioning we will replace the kit free of charge.*

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