My Experience with the xNT Transponder Instillation

                        The Instillation

Weeks ago I got my implant - and whilst I don’t like dealing in anecdotes, it would be fitting that I disclose my personal experience (Jesse Barber, Managing Director).

I elected to go the Piercing urge in Melbourne Victoria. I’ve been into body modification for about a decade and for at least the past 9 and The Piercing Urge had always emerged as one of the most professional and experienced studios in NSW/Victoria.


Pete Sheringham a piercer with 25 years experience who has installed at least 30 so far conducted the procedure with a remarkable absence of pain.

The intrusive part of the procedure itself took roughly a minute. In the interest of transparency, I would indicate that the procedure took longer than usual as the implant itself did not exit the needle entirely upon first insertion.

At this point I will reiterate the importance of going to an experienced professional and touch on the necessity of the implant ‘pocket’ during installation.

The Pocket is where the needle creates a space for the implant by penetrating the dermis and subsequently being retracted slightly. This displacement allowing a locations the implant to comfortably sit. On a related sidenote, this process illustrates why serious piercers tend to stay away from piercing guns and why the injector assembly maximises efficiency of the procedure - hollow needles themselves create a space for the foreign material to sit, whereas guns use brute force, to create the negative space.

This may explain why anecdotally I found that this ‘piercing’, regarding pain, was non existent when compared to any other piercings. . I’ve had gun and needle piercings and needles have always been less painful and better healing. (Admittedly, this area of the hand does avoid major nerves)


The healing process was uneventful and I barely bruised from the procedure. Pre-natal will internally help with the process and I’ve know people to use Bio-oil so ensure there was no scarring.

I found over the first one or two days - I experienced a slight ‘tingle’, but could not feel the implant inside the hand, I kept checking its presence (monitoring possible migration) with my other hand. Movement of the tag under the skin was not painful or noticeable - by now I can push it up against the dermis to reveal the outline with no irritation or pain.

In regard to how long before I used the Implant - I was ten meters from the piercing studio before I had tested and secured the tag. Remember: Securing the tag is the first thing to do.


For myself, what I USE it for and WHY I got it are two different issues.
I use the tag itself as a NFC key (for NFC locks) and a Virtual Business Card (Automatic input of contact details)
- as I work at an NFC company I find many uses for NFC in everyday life so I will experiment with it as ideas arise but frankly, at the moment it’s quite ‘useful’ so I haven’t experimented as frequently as I expected.

Why I got the Implant has to do with my Philosophy. As a Transhumanist, I would posit that Biohacking is the embodiment of applied Transhuman within the context of proactionary self-experimentation.
In other words - I am embracing the risks of combining man and machine (strictly within elective self-experimentation) in order to achieve greater insight or opportunity regarding the application of this technology in the future.
I’m looking for a taste of the future, so I can nudge it in a more amenable direction.

Realistically, the data I will draw from this experience is not just for myself, but for any persons who can extrapolate something useful from the data.

Jesse Barber


Jesse Barber